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Hemlock Society of Florida Reading List

The Best Way To Say Goodbye: A Legal Peaceful Choice at the End of Life by Stanley A. Terman, PhD, MD. With Ronald Baker Miller, MD & Michael S. Evans, JD, MSW. Available at www.LifeTP.com

To Die Well: Your Right to Comfort: Calm, and Choice in the Last Days of Life by Sidney Wanzer, M.D. and Joseph Glenmullen, M.D.

Final Exit, 3.1 Edition by Derek Humphry - Available from at www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

The Good Euthanasia Guide: Where, What, and Who in Choices in Dying by Derek Humphry (also available from www.finalexit.org/ergo-store)

Handbook for Mortals, Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness by Joanne Lynn, MD and Joan Harrold, MD

Life Lessons by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler

A Life That Matters by Mary and Robert Schindler with Suzanne Schindler

Long Goodbye: The Deaths of Nancy Cruzan by William H. Colby

Making Things Easy for My Family What you need to know about my belongings, business affairs, and desires. Can be purchased from www.mileskimball.com

Patient-Directed Dying A Call for Legalized Aid in Dying for the Terminally III by Tom Preston, M.D.

Terri the Truth by Michael Schiavo with Michael Hirsh

Unplugged: Reclaiming Our Right to Die in America by William H. Colby

Using Terri: The Religious Right's Conspiracy to Take Away Our Rights by Jon B. Eisenberg (Eisenberg was one of the lead attorneys late in the Schiavo case.)

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

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