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How To Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit

By Derek Humphry, Published October 2011 

Information for competent adults who are terminally or hopelessly ill and wish to die

2011 Addendum to Chapter 23 of Final Exit book & Final Exit on DVD

NOTE: Persons with severe depression or mental health problems are asked not to use Final Exit or the information in this Addendum, but instead seek professional psychological care.

Helium hood kits which have been used by hundreds of people who wished peacefully to end their lives because of protracted terminal or hopeless illness. Unfortunately, currently there are no reliable suppliers of the kits. Thus it is necessary to make your own kit if you wish to explore this form of self-deliverance.

This right-to-die method is legal because it is not assisted suicide nor voluntary euthanasia. Derek Humphry, author of the world’s best-known how-to book on choices in dying, Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying, has written this detailed guide to how to make a helium hood kit.

This PDF document, with illustrations, outlines the following points:

• Materials and Items Needed for Helium Method
• Sourcing the Parts and Materials
• Location and Setup
• Preparing the Tanks and Tubing
• Making the Hood
• Instructions for Hastening Death (in the event of irreversible illness that is causing unbearable suffering)
• Cautions
• DVD Images and Illustrations
• Book and Video Resources

To ensure a smooth departure, it is strongly advised that a person also carefully reads the latest revised edition of Final Exit book/eBook and watches Final Exit DVD, both available at the ERGO Bookstore. www.finalexit.org/ergo-store


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