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Heads up on law enforcement actions following raid on GLADD re kits 

Derek Humphry, Junction City, OR 
journalist & author 06.12.11 

ALERT - a stranger at your door? 

If you purchased or ordered a helium hood kit from the GLADD Group in southern California, it is possible that police will call to check up on you shortly. 

Local police, under FBI direction, have already visited two women (in Hillsboro, Oregon, and in Los Angeles) and questioned them about their health and circumstances. Each woman had recently placed an order for a helium hood kit but not received it. (Many were confiscated in the FBI raid on Sharlotte Hydorn's home on 25 May. She made them on her sewing machine—confiscated—and recorded on her computer hard drive, 
also seized.) 

A lawyer friendly to the right-to-die movement tells ERGO, "The cops do not need a warrant to do a mental health check. If they have information that a person is a serious and imminent threat to herself or others, it is legal for them to visit, speak, and make such checks as are necessary and appropriate to make sure the person is not a serious and imminent threat to herself or others. From the information about the Los Angeles visit, and the other one in Oregon, there is no indication they are asking any questions intended to gather information to prosecute Hydorn or anyone else. They don't need any more information from these "victims" to prosecute Hydorn. 

"If this LA woman had the presence of mind to refuse to let the cops into her home, it's a question whether they could have entered over her objection. I doubt it. But it's important to remember that, if the cops are challenged, their answer will be that everything they did was consensual. They asked if she would let them in; she let them in; they asked her questions; she answered them. 

"When they walked around, looked at stuff, opened the refrigerator door, she did not object. When people let cops in, let them look around, or answer their questions voluntarily, there is no violation of anybody's rights. 

"The police can stop by the home of anybody in America, ask to come in, ask questions, and so forth, and it violates nobody's rights." 

THEREFORE, if you ordered a kit from GLADD don't be surprised if you get a call from local law enforcement. If you are visited, please inform ERGO at ergo@finalexit.org 


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