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Hemlock Society of Florida Unveils New Website

August 9, 2010

Contact: Ben Wilcox, Executive Director, Hemlock Society of Florida
(850) 544-4448

The Hemlock Society of Florida today announced its new website which features a comprehensive, one-stop resource for free, downloadable forms that allow Floridians to specify their own end-of-life choices. The forms are Florida-specific and include an advance directive, a do not resuscitate order, a designation of health care surrogate form and instructions for completing the forms and where to keep them on file. The website is at www.hemlockflorida.org.

            The Hemlock Society of Florida is a longtime principled advocate for the right of a person to make his or her own end-of-life choices and to have a dignified death. The advance directive and other documents on the new website will help Floridians control the circumstances of their deaths, especially when they become too ill to express their wishes.

            “This may be the first time all of these necessary documents are available, free and in one well organized place,” said Ben Wilcox, Executive Director of the Hemlock Society of Florida. “I am hopeful Floridians will use the new website to start a conversation with their family, friends and physicians about how they want to be treated at the end of their lives.”

            The new website has a number of other features as well including information about the Hemlock Society of Florida, a news feed from the World Federation of Right to Die Societies and links to Hemlock’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

            “The website furthers our mission to promote dignity and freedom of choice at the end of life,” said Donna Klamm, President of the Hemlock Society of Florida. “It’s really an educational tool for Floridians who want to have quality of life and death.”



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